10th Muse

SailorScouts-352-smallName/Cosplay Handle:
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Favorite Food: Ramen, fried catfish, Oreos
Favorite Color: Purples and teal
Occupation: Spoonie Warrior
Hobbies: Photography, writing and fur babies!
Cast Roles: Sailor Neptune, Super Sailor Neptune, Kyubey
When did you start cosplay?: 2002

I’m an old lady in the cosplay world! My hook was DBZ then TriGun. My first con was in 2001 where I saw people dressing up; such excitement!

I live with 5 fur babies (3 dogs and 2 cats).

I’m also a Spoonie; I have an autoimmune disorder and fibromyalgia. My time and energy are dictated by my health. I feel so blessed to find a group of girls that are so understanding and supportive!

Never be shy about asking questions about my condition or coming over and saying hi! I love the instant connection fandom brings.


Photo by Ash Snap ‘Em