Cosmic Coterie’s Fuku Raffle: Black Lives Matter

Cosmic Coterie’s Fuku Raffle:

Black Lives Matter

Hey everyone! Like many of you, those of us in Cosmic Coterie have been searching for more ways to support the Black Lives Matter movement, and this time, we’re inviting you to help us out. To that end, we’ve decided to raffle off a custom fuku as well as some fuku accessories!

There will be ONE grand-prize winner and FOUR runners-up.


June 7: Thanks to all of you, we have raised almost 3000 USD in donations! Therefore, we’ve added TWO more bow sets for runners-up (for a total of four)! Keep at it, y’all! ❤

June 8: You’re all so amazing that we EXTENDED the deadline, and have also added a STRETCH GOAL of $10000 USD

June 14: The raffle is now officially CLOSED! We are in the process of double-checking all the entries and compiling some information before we draw winners. Keep an eye on our social media for updates!


June 21: ALL WINNERS HAVE CLAIMED THEIR PRIZES! Winners list posted soon!!!

June 23: Here’s our final raffle update: the list of our very lucky winners! Thank you again to everyone that participated and helped us help some extremely important causes. Our raffle might be over, but our support of BLM will never stop! Thank you again <3!


  • ONE grand prize winner will receive a custom fuku of any of the planetary senshi in their classic (non-Super or Eternal) form. 
    • Sorry, this means no Starlights or original designs
  • If we reach $500+ USD in donations, the grand prize winner’s fuku will get a major upgrade! The upgrades will depend on the character, due to the nature of the fuku designs.
    • All non-Moon characters will receive a swappable Supers set for their fuku, which includes: Supers chest armor and sleeves, Supers collar, Supers choker, Supers butt bow, and a single-color heart brooch
    • Sailor Moon or Chibi Moon upgrades will include hair feathers, odango shields, a tiara, and a Supers iridescent butt bow.
  • If we reach $750+ USD in donations, the grand prize winner will also get a wig to match their fuku!
  • In addition to the grand prize, we will also award FOUR winners a set of bows in the color of their choosing, along with a single-color brooch!
  • STRECH GOAL: If we reach $10000+ USD in donations, we will add one or more additional special prizes.
    • These will be “fancier” than the runner-up prizes… we haven’t yet decided what to give away, but we’re thinking Sailor Moon Proplicas, or at least something along those lines!


  • This raffle is based on a “ticket” system – you earn “tickets” based on a donation amount.
  • You earn one raffle ticket per $10 USD donation.
    • This means entries in foreign currencies will be given ticket amount based on the conversion in USD (rounded up in your favor)!
  • You may only submit donations that were made during the raffle period (June 5 – June 14)!
  • Your donation must be made to one of the following organizations: Black Lives Matter, Innocence Project, Black Visions Collective, BTFA
  • Screenshot your donation or attach your receipt, and send it to our e-mail: cosmiccoterie [at] gmail 
    • Don’t forget to add [dot] com
  • Your screenshot/receipt must include the name of the organization as well as the date of donation. You may censor sensitive personal information, but if possible, please leave your email address visible so that we know your entry isn’t forged.
    • Your donations do not all have to be to the same organization; for example, you can donate $10 to each one on the list, and we would count your tickets based on the TOTAL amount: IE, $40, which makes 4 entries.
  • You may NOT submit sales receipts for items that benefit Black Lives Matters or donations made to enter other giveaways/raffles/etc: this is “double counting” that donation, which isn’t the point of these types of fundraisers. Your donation to enter this raffle MUST be made with the intention of entering this raffle, and this raffle alone.
    • Guys, seriously, don’t pull that on us...
  • You can enter multiple times! Each donation of $10 will count as 1 raffle ticket entry.
  • Check to see if your employer offers donation matching! This won’t impact your entry in our raffle, but it’s a great way to help your donation make a bigger impact. 
    • Please also be sure to check what the minimum match amount is for your company!
  • Raffle entries will be run through a random number generator and announced on SUNDAY, June 14, or as soon as possible after.
  • Official giveaway starting time: Friday, June 5, 2020 (the posting time of these rules)
  • Official giveaway ending time: SUNDAY, June 14, 2020, at noon CDT.
  • You may be ANY size, shape, or gender to get one of our custom fukus – we have made them for ALL types of people!!! Cosplay isn’t limited just because of your body 🙂


  • Winners will be contacted via e-mail as soon as possible after the giveaway closes on Friday, June 12. You will have 48 hours to respond before we move on to another winner.
    • The email used to contact winners will be the one used to send in the donation screenshot, so make sure it’s one you regularly check!
  • We will aim to have your fuku to you as soon as possible, but COVID-19 is still impacting materials suppliers. Please keep this in mind and allow us at least 8-12 weeks to finish your prize.
  • This raffle is open to both the USA and international entries! 
    • Shipping will be included in the USA.
    • International shipping must be paid for by the winner. We are also not responsible for customs fees for international shipments. 
    • Please bear in mind that all shipping times, but international shipping times especially, may be additionally delayed due to Covid-19 related disruption.
  • Winners may be announced across our social media accounts unless they opt-out.


  • This giveaway is not sponsored or endorsed by any social media platform.
  • We are not affiliated with any of the organizations mentioned.
  • We are not making any profit off of this giveaway.
  • If you are under the age of 18, you must have your parent or legal guardian’s permission to enter. We are not responsible for minors getting in trouble with their parents for entering the giveaway without permission!
  • Your personal information will ONLY be used for the purpose of our raffle, including for prize-shipping purposes. We will delete all emails with people’s personal info after the giveaway ends.
  • Cosmic Coterie may tweak these rules if need be, for any reason. If abbreviated versions of the rules are posted in other places for ease of posting, then the official posting on our website is the governing set.
  • Forged donations will result in a block and instant disqualification from the giveaway. We are trying to raise money for an extremely important cause and must hold everyone to an honors system!
  • You must be comfortable giving us your shipping address in order to receive a prize.
  • International winners: we will do our absolute best to work with you on sending your prize; HOWEVER, please keep in mind that not all countries are accepting mail from the USA at this time. If you are in a country impacted by this, we will communicate with you to work out how to mail your prize.
    • DHL is still shipping all over the world as of the writing of these rules
    • We can also hold onto your prize if you prefer; again, if the winner is impacted by this, we will work it out at that time.

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