Callula Cosplay

14045861_1168884616518106_7178476277925274154_nName / Cosplay Handle: Dana / Callula Cosplay
Astrological Sign: Libra
Favorite Food: pizza, tacos, noodles, dumplings, nutella, anything sugary
Favorite Color: Purple
Occupation: Copywriter
Hobbies: Musical theatre, cuddling with my cats, reading, and obviously crafting
Interests: Musical theatre (again!), sci-fi/fantasy, comic books, anything Joss Whedon does, psychological thrillers/crime shows
Cast Roles: Luna
When did you start cosplay?: October 2013

I’d been going to cons for about two years and cosplaying looked so fun, but I was too nervous to take the plunge alone. Once I found someone to cosplay with that first time, I had a blast and never looked back. The hobby provides a much needed creative outlet and has introduced me to some of the most wonderful friends I’ve had the privilege of knowing. My goal with each new costume is to continue growing and learning skills. It makes for an interesting challenge, and also allows me to draw on others for help.

I live with two cutie cats, named Bella and Harley. Be prepared for plenty of cat photos on my social media accounts!

Photo by Cosplay Illustrated. Body suit by The Geeky Seamstress.