Cosplayers Who Have Used Our Tutorials

We love seeing what fellow Moonies put together using our tutorials and other resources! Here are fellow Moonies who have done an excellent job creating fukus with the help of our tutorials!

If you or your group has used our tutorials, let us know and we will add your photo!


Sailor Saturn by Jobielee. Photo by Coslife


Sailor Venus by Sirena Cosplay. Photo by Coslife

Moon Menagerie

Cosplay group Moon Menagerie, Photo by Sakura Diamond Photography. Pluto base fuku by The Geeky Seamstress.

Moonlight Mafia

Cosplay group Moonlight Mafia, Photo by U.V. Photography


Cosplayers Wendykkuma, Reid F., and Umbreana, Photo by Ash Snap ‘Em Photography. Jupiter fuku by The Geeky Seamstress.