Pattern Pieces


Front Bow Loops

Front Bow Tails

Butt Bow Loops

Butt Bow Tails

Venus Hair Bow – Loop, Tail

Sailor Senshi Sleeves

Super Sailor Senshi Sleeves

Senshi Chest Armor

Coterie Collar Pattern

Super Senshi Bow Tails

A Quick Note on Assembly:

We chose to position each of these pieces on letter size paper to accommodate the largest possible number of users. When using this pattern, you may either cut the indicated pattern piece on the fold of your cloth OR cut two of the pattern pieces and tape them together on the indicated fold line.


For pattern pieces that span multiple pages, match the letters to each other. For example, on the chest armor pieces, match A to A, B to B, and so on.

When printing, make sure to print the actual size! Otherwise you risk disproportionate pattern pieces.

If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to contact us!