Space Cadet


Name / Cosplay Handle: Christie / Space Cadet
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Favorite Food:  pizza, garlic tonkatsu ramen, tacos, ice cream/froyo, chocolate
Favorite Color:  green, yellow, gold, orange
Occupation:  Research Analyst
Hobbies:  Going to live music shows, bikram yoga/hot yoga, singing, camping
Interests:  Astronomy/Astrophysics
Cast roles: Sailor Venus, Super Sailor Venus, Homura Akemi
When did you start cosplay?:   AnimeFest 2015

I had never heard of cosplay until I stumbled upon photos of cosplayers in Eternal Sailor Fukus while looking for a Sailor Venus Halloween costume. I decided to commission DaydreamerNessa for an Eternal Sailor Venus fuku when she opened commissions in late 2014 as my very first cosplay. My first con ever was AnimeFest 2015 where I showed up by myself in full Eternal Sailor Venus cosplay, determined to make new friends who shared my love for Sailor Moon!

I met The Geeky Seamstress and Dani at the AnimeFest 2015 convention, and the rest is history! I’m constantly building new cosplay skills and look forward to being all the magical girls and idols one day! I really love meeting new people and making friends! If you see me, I always welcome a hug!

Outside of cosplay, I enjoy studying physics and researching astrophysics, going to concerts and live music gigs, and playing Pokemon Go and Love Live! School Idol Festival. I have a crazy loud bengal cat named Cara and I’m married to the bearded ginger drummer of Tom Devil and the Wizard.

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Photo by Ash Snap’Em