Super Clean Bow Knot Mini-Tutorial

By Koholint


Finish your bow loops, your bow tails, and your rectangular bow knot. Your bow loops should be tacked to get a single lovely dimple; your tails should have the pointy folded-over piece tacked in place, and all your pieces should be pressed. Make sure your bow knot has one super clean end, and then serge the end that was left open to be able to turn it. It doesn’t matter what color you use, since this part will be completely hidden.


Grab your knot strip and place it right side DOWN (with the seam facing up), and then place the tails over it, right side UP (with the tacked piece to the back). You’ll have to figure out the length of the knot yourself (mine was approximately 6.5” long), but once you’ve found it, place the serged edge of the knot about ¾” away from the top of the bow tails, as shown in the photo. Sew the knot down at the top of the tails with a straight stitch along the edge.


Fold the ¾” tab towards you and sew it down.


Place your loops right on top of the tail-knot combo you finished sewing, lining up the centers carefully. You may tack your bow loops to the tails if you don’t want them moving during the next step.


Bring the long (finished) edge of the bow knot towards you (between the bow tails), and then make it go up around your bow loops. You’ll need to turn the entire piece over at this point to tighten the knot; pin it in place once you’re happy with how tight it is, and then hand sew it down.


DONE! This method hides the serged edge, making your bow beautiful and clean from any angle. You may now hand-sew velcro or snaps to your bow knot so that you can attach it to your chest armor and affix your brooch.

(Bow fabric from Mood Fabrics.)

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