Supers Variations

For Anime North Texas in 2016, we opted to upgrade our fukus to super senshi. The senshi have minor variations in their Super forms, namely: new collars, different sleeves, chokers with stars, new broaches, and different butt bow tails.

For the chokers, we used our standard choker approach. We then glued small gems to brass stamps with e6000, and then glued the stars onto the chokers.


Photo by Koholint Cosplay

Our collars are constructed in the exact same manner as our previous tutorial, but each senshi has a single 1/2″ stripe made from double fold bias tape.


Patterning the new sleeves

The chest armor for Supers is much the same as the classic senshi. The foam sleeves consist of 2 channels instead of 3.

For the transparent sleeves, we glued glitter chiffon to Mylar using 3M spray adhesive. The top of the sleeve attaches to the foam channel with Velcro. We also stitched felt to the under side of the clear sleeves for comfort and used fray-check on the exposed ends. The pattern for our clear sleeves is available here, and you can find more detailed instructions on construction here.


We took artistic liberties with the Supers butt bow tails. The Supers bow tails as drawn didn’t appeal to our collective aesthetic, so we drafted a shorter version of Super Moon’s tails. The pattern is available here.

To make tails like ours, cut 2 of the pattern piece on the fold of your fabric. Stitch along the edges using a 1/2″ seam allowance, leaving small gap at the top of the fold (ours are about 2-3″). Trim and grade your seam allowance. Flip the piece inside out and use a pencil or chopstick to gently push out the corners. Press the seams. Fold the tails into cascades and press. Stitch across the top of the folds and hand stitch to your butt bow loop pieces. More detailed instructions are available here.


Attach your brooch, and you’re ready to go! Crystal Power, Make Up!


Photo by Koholint Cosplay


Photo by Storieteller


Tutorial photos and text by The Geeky Seamstress, unless otherwise noted.