Name / Cosplay Handle:
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Favorite Food: Chips & salsa with a margarita on the side
Favorite Color: Blue
Occupation: Graphic Design Student
Hobbies: Playing video games, making youtube videos, designing costumes and websites.
When did you start cosplay?: 2010

I’m a student studying web and product design. I’ve also been running an Etsy store for 4 years to make extra cash on the side. I love creating things with my hands, primarily things to be worn. I grew up watching Sailor Moon, DBZ, Pokemon, but Full Metal Alchemist was the anime that introduced me to the world of anime, and I hold the series dear to my heart. I learned to sew when I joined my school’s theatre department and began to design costumes. I competed in multiple costume and fashion design competitions, placing 2nd in state 3 times in a row! (Never first DX) I decided not to pursue my dreams of becoming a fashion designer and have kept cosplay as a hobby. Now I’m making YouTube videos and tutorials showcasing my love for cosplay and sewing.

Photo by ACCosplay

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